4SYS Enforce Tac 2023

Jan 24, 2023

4SYS will be at hall 9 stand 9-121 to meet you!

4SYS Supports Broken Glass

Nov 10, 2022

4SYS is proud to support PTSD999 and feature in their new short awareness film. 

Broken Glass (a Fragile mind) follows Tom a retired Police Officer, played wonderfully by Graham Cole OBE, who is struggling with undiagnosed PTSD. 

Nightmares, triggers, flashbacks, reckless behaviour, self medication through alcohol are all becoming too much and starting to take their toll on Tom. 

Can Tom find the help he desperately needs or is it all too late?

4SYS Enforce Tac 2022

Nov 10, 2022

Let's go to Nuremberg, Germany!

Enforce Tac is the industry meeting place for professionals from government agencies with security responsibilities and the armed forces.

4SYS will be at stand #12-416 to meet you!

Visit for more information.

Shop At The Dutch Defence Store

Nov 10, 2022

The Dutch Defense Store is a supplier of various tactical, specialist and military equipment

On a daily basis, they receive employees from various units of the Royal Netherlands Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. These professionals all have their own needs and also make high demands when it comes to purchasing tactical materials and military equipment. That is why the Dutch Defence Store only offers high-quality tactical and military equipment in both our store and our webshop that can be used during their daily operational work, exercises and broadcasts.

The majority of these products can also be purchased and used by employees of other government institutions, security contractors, etc.

Proud to announce that 4SYS Footwear is now available at the Dutch Defence Store

4SYS in Emergency Services Show 2022

Nov 10, 2022

International Brands Group presents 4SYS in the UK's award-winning Emergency Services Show.

Meet us in NEC Birmingham at stand #E60 

More information at 

4SYS Is Proud To Support PTSD999

Nov 10, 2022

At 4SYS, we understand the mental and emotional strength it takes for the heroes working in Emergency Services to do their jobs.

PTSD 999 is the only organisation in the UK that supports all members of the emergency services, both serving and retired, voluntary, family and friends.

PTSD999 is unique in the way it provides support; the majority of its trustees, administrators and, most importantly, doctors and counselling staff have served in the Emergency Services and/or Military and suffered PTSD, or have close ties with someone who has. This enables the understanding of the unique unwritten bond that ties everyone together.

They are also the only organisation in the UK that provides Trauma Response Awareness Training, which includes simple, complex and vicarious Psychological Health and Safety, assessment and treatment of PTSD.

We are proud to be working with PTSD999 in their mission to support and offer the best care when times are tough.

For more information visit:

Pictured: Graham Cole OBE